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Shear Magic Grooming

128 Pooks Rd, Swanson, Auckland, 0612
  • Tel: 098321455
  • Tel: 0212979372
About us
Welcome to Shear Magic Grooming,

Located in west Auckland Myrene Nielsen owns a animal grooming service where she daily grooms out both cats and dogs to the proper standard.Myrene is also known to have no limits on her grooming of animals, at the age of 21 this image below was taken when a circus owner came to her and dared her to groom out his lion cub, needless to say she did rise to the challenge and succeeded.

Our passion lies with animal care and beauty. We specialize in free standing grooming, which means your pet is not tied up and is free standing on the bench. We don't use harmful restraints like nooses, which have been known to cause terrible accidents.

We teach your pet to be comfortable and confident while being groomed. Many of my older kids are so relaxed and so use to routine that they sometimes doze and nap while being groomed on the bench, some dogs are so into routine that they position themselves for the next stage of their groom.

We are very capable of designing a clip to suit your requirements for a more low maintenance easy care kept coat.

For a unique look we can style MOHAWKS, BEARDS, MOSTACHES, EYEBROWS, ETC.

I also have my own designer clips – Please just ask me.

We do not shave – Collies, Pomeranian, Husky’s, Golden Retriever’s, Sheppard’s,  Spitz Breed’s. Unless requested as we believe in keeping the coat natural. Which requires hand stripping of undercoat because if you compromise the natural flow of the coat you can stop it from growing all together.

your pets are an important part of your family and we treat them with the same love and care you would. We welcome clients to stay and watch us groom their pets and we provide free grooming tips to help with your pet’s home care. Every aspect of grooming at Shear Magic is humane. We don’t believe in cage drying your pets, as most groomers do. We take our time to hand dry all animals individually as soon as they leave the bath.  No pet is left unattended or pushed into a groom, your pet is taught to trust in my ability as a professional groomer, so that they are completely relaxed and assured that we do have the most loving hands. Dogs are constantly talked to and praised for being good.

I understand and have complete knowledge of all temperaments and behaviors. Myrene has more than 40 years experience and was trained by some of NZ top groomers and dog judges. Myrene is highly recommended by Vets for her ability with animals and is well known as an animal whisperer who is able to groom not only dogs but also cats. We don’t believe in sedating cats, when we can do it naturally, we have a 98% success rate with cats even if they require shaving.

Returning with your Dog on your next appointment, you will see the excitement shown by your dog’s wagging tail, just how happy they are to be coming to SHEAR MAGIC GROOMING. Be prepared to invent a code name, so your pet doesn’t run to fetch it’s own lead.With cats that are not the biggest fan of being groomed you may also need a code name as we have had cases of cats not coming to owners when its time for a groom.

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Pet Grooming, Animal Grooming, Nail Cutting, Trimming, Cat's Grooming

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